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Hot Lez Sex Essay, Research Paper

What is Truth and the best way to obtain it according to Ancient Scientists?

In general, truth is anything that is correct of nature. The truth is in existence yet is not understood/known until it is uncovered. (Bruce Foltz WHGC lecture “What is truth?”)

This truth is uncovered for science only through mathematics. Math (numbers, equations, etc.) is the explanation for how and why everything in nature occurs the ways it does, according to science.

In addition to math, yet more controversial in explaining truth, are the laws of matter and motion. Historically, these second two explanations for what is true were more argued, taking our world longer to agree on the definition of these two concepts of truth.

For example: as time progressed, matter was changed from being defined as “water” to being a five-element system of water, earth, fire, air, and ether. (Aristotle added Ether)

Although, mathematics still is the purest form of “truth” and way to explain the reasoning behind why other things in our natural world are also “true.” This is because numbers do not lie. The ancient Greeks built their theories and postulates upon math. So, according to science, if math can’t back something up then it must not be “true.”

The best way to obtain this “truth” is primarily to have intellectual curiosity.

In addition to the basis of curiosity (which sparks inquiry), one must follow the “three pillar system” of:

1. Observation

2. Reasoning

3. Human creativity

Without curiosity of the world around us, one will never find any answers. And with math as the foundation to “truth,” as long as you can prove it mathematically, it is the “truth.” To conclude, math is not only a way to reveal the concealed truth, but is it “law” within it’s own right.

(References: Dr.Hudson, WHGC lecture “Science in the Ancient World” and pgs. 33-46 WHGC Syllabus)