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Merlin Essay, Research Paper

Merlin Historical


Counselor, warrior, prodigy, Christian scholar, and man of myths: all and more is Merlin , a character of great wisdom and knowledge. Was this Merlin real or just plain old myth. In fact it is believe that there were two Merlin during the time of Vortigern and Arthur. One was name Myrddin Wyllt from Scotland, the other was name Myrddin Emrys (King Arthur Merlin) born in Carmarthen. Myrddin comes from the Welsh meaning Merdinus or Merlin a Latin word.

Merlin (Myrddin Emrys) was first introduce in the early 10th century by Geoffrey Of Monmouth as a mere prophet, but his role gradually evolved into that of magician, prophet and advisor of King Arthur. He was born around 450 in Caer-Fyddin (Carmarthen), England were he was given the name Myrddin Emrys or Ambrosius. He then became know as Merlin, a Latinized version of the welsh word, Myrddin, taken from the place of his birth. His Father was believed he was an Angel from hell, and his mother a Royal nun. Yet there is no actual record of Merlin s parents. As Merlin became famous, his reputation was well known, his prophet and high integrity for the king, brought him respect. As far as his accomplishments go, it is said that Merlin was responsible for Arthur birth, this accrued when Uther Pendragon (King of Britain) felled desperately in love with Igerna, wife of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall . Uther was then transformed into the image of Gorlois by Merlin s power. He entered their castle, and managed to fool Igerna into thinking he was her husband and laid with her, thus Arthur was born. He then arrange the sword-in-the-stone contest, after Uther was slain and England had no king. His other accomplishments, the creation of the round table and the Stonehenge, which is believe was a memorial for the British nobles who were massacred at a peace conference by the Saxon.

Myrddin Wyllt also known as Merlin advisor of Gwenddoleu prince of England, and a historical figure, living in Scotland at the same time as Myrddin Emrys. He had a sister Ganieda. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth she was the unfaithful wife of Rhydderch. Myrddin Wyllt attempted in the Battle of Arthuret (A battle fought between the princes Gwenddoleu and Rhydderch king of Scotland AD 575), where his Lord Gwenddoleu was killed by Rhydderch. He was give a golden torc (a necklace or armband madder of twisted metal) for fighting on the battle. As the result of the battle, Wyllt went mad, feeling grief for his master. He then spent his rest of his life as a hermit living wild in the forest of Celyddon along with his sister. His personality was man of high intelligent and integrity, which made him a great advisor for his master. It is said that will he live in the forest, he gain his power to foresee the future, becoming a prophet.

Myrddin Emrys and Myrddin Wyllts, men of high intelligence and will known prophets. They were born in England, each serving as an advisor to a noble. Both of these characters had one major thing in common; their names become legend throughout England. But each character had its own life as well. Myrddin Emrys is known as Merlin the great wizard of King Arthur, the man that had no father. Taking part of the biggest legendary stories in England history, the wizard of King Arthur. Myrddin Wyllts known as Merlin the wild man, who lived in the forest in Celyddon, Scotland after the Battle of Arthuret, were he lost his master and when mad. Well living the forest, he became a prophet foreseeing the future. He had a sister as well, Ganieda who became the wife of Rhydderch. Yet this characters live in a world of wars and suffering, a world were myth got mix with Briton history.